Easy and comprehensive access to genetic tests
Simplified and unified ordering process
Data security and GDPR compliance
Tailored catalogue according to your needs
Accessible genetics support and peer discussion
Growing genetic knowledge base

How Elsie Works

Elsie supports you during the entire test ordering process, improving your everyday clinical practice.


Tailor Elsie to your unique needs

Get direct access to all genetic tests available in your healthcare unit. Elsie provides one-click access to the genetic test details, simplifying your management workflow and supporting you in the decision making process of the right test.


Access and order genetic tests

Avoid filling cumbersome documentation. Elsie replaces numerous forms and documents from different labs with a single order confirmation, automatically filled-in for you.


Access results

Access report results in your secure Elsie inbox. Elsie centralises the reception of laboratory results in a single secure location, promptly available to you.

  • Genetics support

    If needed, our genetic team is available to help you interpret the report results.

Better Clinical Practice & Patient Care using genetic approaches

Individualised Treatment

Predict your patients' response to drugs you want to prescribe, leading to better efficiency, fewer adverse drug reactions and a better cost-benefit ratio.

Disease prevention

Learn about your patients’ disease risks and provide them counselling about beneficial lifestyle changes and risk-reducing behaviours implementation. Improve clinical surveillance and enhance preventive and treatment interventions.

Improved Diagnosis

Deliver the right diagnosis at the right time. Provide more accurate, definitive and quicker diagnosis for your patients and make informed decisions about management and healthcare options.

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